“Danielle exudes empathy in a way that makes her clients feel valued and understood, thereby encouraging, enabling, and driving each person to be a better version of themselves.”

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Nexus Counseling

Each of us has our own story to tell.  Our stories are impacted by our experiences, our relationships, our personalities, our families.  Some parts of our stories we want to keep living out.  Some parts of our stories  we want to change. Here at Nexus we strive to create a place where you can explore the parts of your life that are of concern to you whether it is related to your thoughts, relationships, emotions, or behaviors to find change, hope, and connection.  Nexus Counseling specializes in therapy services for individuals, teens, couples, and families throughout the Kansas City area.


Therapy offers an opportunity for you to to explore different obstacles in your life in an open-minded and confidential environment, while guiding and supporting you in areas where self-awareness and clarity is needed.


Whether you seek guidance for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationships or personal growth, Nexus Counseling is passionate about helping and supporting you through your journey based on mutual trust and respect.


To learn more about how our personalized counseling services can help you, contact us at 913.735.9787.

Individual Therapy

A safe place for you to share where you are, to explore where you want to be, and to discover what's stopping you from getting there.


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Marriage & Family

There has never been a relationship that did not need care and attention in order to thrive.  You can achieve the security and resilience desired within your relationships.


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