“Danielle exudes empathy in a way that makes her clients feel valued and understood, thereby encouraging, enabling, and driving each person to be a better version of themselves.”

- SH

 Counseling for Couples

You miss what you once had together, the reasons that you were drawn to each other in the beginning.  It was so exciting this adventure you began together.  It held possibilities and hope for the life you always dreamed. 


But things have happened that you didn't expect. 


Significant moments that marked you and changed you, and also changed the relationship.  And now you find yourself thinking 'What I thought I was going to have I'm never going to have.' You've been fighting against whatever it is that's happened between you but it's not changing this pattern you're in.  It's not moving you closer.  


You pursue him again and again just to get him to hear you.  You poke and you prod just to get him to move. Your frustration is only increasing and he seems to only be growing further away.  That distance feels isolating, maybe even scary.  It makes you wonder where the 'we' went in your relationship.  

But I can see what could be.  There can still be an 'us'.

You can find each other and I can help you.  



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